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  1. Enrique S. Dickerson says:
    1.0 rating

    Cymbalta for A headache

    I have been given the tablets Cymbalta 30mg for depressive headaches and since the first day I have been complaining about fatigue and circulatory problems and and and.

    Side effects: Circulation problems; Fatigue
  2. Lester R. Villarreal says:
    4.5 rating

    Cymbalta for A headache

    I have strong taste changes with Cymbalta. Any liquids such as mineral water or lemonade you can hardly drink because it tastes so salty and strange. Sometimes I have more of a headache than a reduced one. Hardly any changes with the psyche. I still take 30mg of capsules and still have a lot of fatigue and sleep disturbance after a long time. I am not sure if the sleep disorders come from Cymbalta or rather from my psyche. But since I came back from a clinic where I have been given quite a few medications, I have these suffering sleep disorders. I also got Cymbalta there and was able to sleep at the beginning most of the time. I have not taken most medications for a few months, but I still have permanent sleep disturbances. Although I am not sure if it is due to this drug.

    Side effects: Sleep disorders; Fatigue
  3. Bonita T. Ramirez says:
    4.0 rating

    Cymbalta for A headache

    I got Cymbalta for a strong, one-sided headache. The medication has helped very well against the pain. Unfortunately, after 2 months I got an epileptic seizure (Grand Mal). Cymbalta lowers the seizure threshold. Of course, tablets were discontinued immediately! Still have no effective drug against the severe pain!